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Aesthetic Tourism in Medellin


Why Colombia?

The main reason why a foreigner prefers Colombia as a destination of aesthetic tourism is that he/she finds certified and trained plastic surgeons from the best universities in the world. And the second reason, is certainly the shocking offers and prices in the interventions. In the United States and Europe prices sometimes cost twice as much.

Dr. Ricardo Lizardo

The Plastic Surgeon in Medellín, Dr. Ricardo Lizardo, is a graduate from one of the best universities in Venezuela (Universidad de Carabobo) and has vast experience in surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Among the most requested procedures are breast augmentation, liposuction and abdominoplasty being not only the most developed procedures, but the most demanded procedures in countries such as the United States and Europe.

Another of our advantages is that the recovery in the aesthetic centers and clinics of Colombia have impeccable facilities and it is possible to enjoy tourist packages, in addition to a specialized staff of the clinic or center that follows the patient from his arrival in Colombia until he is completely satisfied

Services we offer:

- Preoperative evaluation
- Aesthetic surgical interventions
- 3 Post operative control
- Transfer from the airport to the hotel
- Accommodation with food 5 times a day.
- 10 Lymphatic Drainage Sessions with Ultrasound
- 72-hour nursing service

If you are considering traveling to Colombia to have a plastic surgery: "The only risk is that you want to stay."